The Smokeless Cigarette, a True Success Story for Smokers looking to get a Break from Tobacco

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Part of this on going dilemma with smokeless cigarettes is that the FDA has not officially approved the device and have even gone as far as to put out a national warning until more test are done because they have found two of the same substances found in tobacco cigarettes. How do you really gauge these warnings since a standard cigarette has approx 2000 chemicals and are know to kill over 5 million humans per year? If cigarettes are legal and approved by the FDA then these smokeless cigarettes should certainly fall under some category and have the similar restrictions with the warning and age requirement to purchase. We do know smokeless cigarettes have helped tens of thousands of ex-smokers lean off tobacco cigarettes or get off of tobacco all together and with advent of these new Smokers Lung recovery drugs and naturopathic remedies we can at least give smokers a chance to get back to a normal healthy life. Even The Doctors TV show has posted the Smokeless Cigarette as one of the Top 10 extraordinary new health gadgets for 2009 with many other doctors giving it a positive review. We have yet to find a doctor who tells us “No, these Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes are very harmful, stay on the tobacco cigarettes”…

Most smokers believe anything that breaks the tobacco habit is a start in the right direction especially if it cuts out all of the tar and carcinogens immediately without feeling like your in detox.  Nicotine in itself is not known to have any ill-effects other than raising your blood pressure when you do not control your intake. The benefit of the smokeless cigarette is that it does just that with the staged levels of nicotine cartridges. You can start with the high level then go down to medium, low, and no to finish. Is it a 100% solution? No, but the obvious has been answered in the thousands and thousands of users who keep referring friends and family to give it a try not because it is cool but because they care about the health of their loved ones.

Look, if you want to stop smoking and give your lungs time to heal and nothing else has worked then you need some options. Smokeless cigarettes give you a great option with a very small investment so there is really no risk in trying. If you order a starter kit it gives you everything you need plus a couple of weeks worth of nicotine filters. Pricing for the device starts at around $59.00. For that price how can you not afford to at least give it a shot? We found a great online site that has tons of information and an easy online ordering process at and they even offer Free Shipping if you enter code:noship

Aaron Bercovich, member of the National Electronic Cigarette Association.

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