Quit Cigarettes By Using The Latest Technology

by ecig smoker

Smoking is one of the most difficult habits to break. Many people in the US try to quit every year with little or no success. Do you know it takes a person on average six to eight attempts to successfully quit cigarettes, the average success rate is less than 3%.

One of the reasons why cigarette is so hard to quit is because of habit. Now a day got a lot different quit smoking method like NLP, which is reconditioning your mind to quit smoking. NLP is effective because they reprogram your mind to accept new meaning about smoking and change your consistence habit. Another method is by using subliminal CD, this is just a normal background music, but with the latest technology, the music is actually contain some hidden positive message which can only be listen and accept by your subconscious mind, the message like "It is easy for me to be free of cigarettes. It's easy for me to live smoke free. It's easy to choose life free of cigarettes. I feel free. I feel good...So it will consistency recondition your subconscious mind and change your habit of smoking.

Another way to quit cigarettes is by using the latest technology - Electronic Cigarette . Electronic cigarette or ecig, is an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes without health risk. It looks and feel like an actual cigarette, you still have the same sensation of smoking, but there is no tobacco contain in this ecig.

One of the biggest benefits of using the ecig is the absence of tar, arsenic, formaldehyde, acetone, ammonia and others 4,000 POISONOUS substances and harmful CHEMICALS, 60 of which are known or suspected to cause cancer.

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