How Safe Is An Electronic Cigarette?

by ecig smoker

Electronic cigarettes are hasty gaining popularity as tobacco replacement in a society anxious for effective ways to quit smoking. Just this March 2009, an article published by BBC News in the UK revealed that in October of the past year, some retailers were reporting sales of around 1,000 starter packs a month, and Electronic cigarettes, which used to be sold completely online, are now finding its way into sales kiosks and supermarkets. The demand for Electronic cigarettes have escalated enough that it is now beginning to hit the streets.

This growing popularity as a feasible alternative to tobacco is due largely to the fact that the Electronic cigarette is seen as a safe substitute to regular cigarettes. Your average tobacco product contains somewhere around the area of 4000 harmful chemicals, 43 of which are known to cause cancer in humans. These include, but are not limited to: tar, carbon monoxide, benzene-a petrol additive, formaldehyde-an embalming fluid, ammonia-a toilet cleaner, and even arsenic-the rat poison.

Electronic cigarettes have none of these components. The only chemical it retains from its predecessor is nicotine, which allows smokers to still have the feel of smoking a cigarette, even if there is no smoke produced, and thus no second hand smoke that can be harmful to non-smokers. The nicotine is delivered through a propylene glycol solution, which is harmless and found to be extremely safe by clinical tests.

Electronic cigarettes also look, feel and even taste like regular cigarettes, but are far superior because they are by and large safer than tobacco products. Smokers who are serious about going tobacco free should seriously consider the Electronic cigarette as a healthier and safer alternative.

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