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Smokeless Delight Review

Eaze Magnum Review

Gammuci Review

Green Smoke Review

Milano Review

Blu Smoke Review

Njoy Review

Smoke 51 Review

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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

October 14, 2010

GreenSmoke.com Check out people Green Smoking for the first time.

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E-Cig Users Claim the Device Helps Them Quit Smoking

May 11, 2010

Earlier this month, the results of a survey conducted by Jean Francois Etter of the Institute of Social and Preventative Medicine, University of Geneva, suggest that smokers may be using electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking. The survey was conducted over the internet in 2009, and involved 81 present and former e-cigarette users. Participants responded [...]

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The Electric Cigarette Featured on ABC News

May 10, 2010

This is a ABC news report about electric cigarettes. endlessvapor.com It talks about the many benefits of smoking ecigs rather than tobacco cigarettes as well as some potential downsides which I think are non-issues. For more info go to realecig.com

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Electronic Cigarettes: What You Should Know

April 22, 2010

greensmoke.com How to Smoke anywhere you want. No more going outside to smoke.

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A Brief History of the Electronic Cigarette

April 10, 2010

Though the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette has been generating a lot of attention in the global market over the past 3 years, it actually got its start in 2003 when SBT Investment Holdings Ltd. a company based in Beijing, China patented an early version of the device. The e cigarette is basically a personal, battery-operated [...]

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Is There a Link Between Cigarette Smoking and Low IQ?

April 8, 2010

According to a study recently conducted by Dr. Mark Weiser of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Psychiatry and the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Hospital, young men who smoke are likely to have lower IQ scores than their non-smoking peers. In the study, considered the largest ever of its kind, researchers culled data from [...]

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Review of the VP1 Electronic Cigarette

March 24, 2010

www.vaportalk.com bring you the VP1 ecig review. Awesome Unit!! Purchase one here www.vaprlife.com

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Electronic Cigarettes Are Proven To Be Healthier Than Regular Cigarettes, So Kick The Bad Habit And Try One Today

March 23, 2010

Electronic Cigarettes Are Proven To Be Healthier Than Regular Cigarettes, So Kick The Bad Habit And Try One Today On ElectronicCigaretteSource.com you will learn the benefits of theses vapor cigarettes over the traditional tar and ash filled cigarette. Cigarette smell can be very stubborn and unpleasant especially when it sticks to hair and clothing and [...]

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Electronic Cigarette Company Says “We Are Ready!”

March 14, 2010

Electronic Cigarette Company Says “We Are Ready!” The FDA lost their first battle against electronic cigarettes just recently in federal court and were quick to appeal the ruling. Green Smoke is looking at it in a positive way. Read more on OfficialWire

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Review of the Titan 510 electronic cigarette

March 14, 2010

A video review of the Tecc Titan 510 electronic cigarette…

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